The Girivan Experience

About Girivan

Girivan is the flagship brand of the Garodia Group, which made a humble beginning to its construction endeavours in 1966. A burning desire to excel and to make a mark in the construction & development industry was and still remains the driving force behind the phenomenal success of the Group.

From conceptualizing designs to delivering homes that have your identify, the Garodia Group stands for the best industry practices in infrastructure development.

To carry forward the legacy of the parent company by never deviating from the ‘no-compromises’ approach adopted by them on delivering world-class spaces.

Bring home the Girivan Experience!

An experience that fuses tradition and modern innovation.

Home is where your heart lives. True that is because every brick and every spot, in your home marks a memory and a special moment.

Our apartments are designed especially for those who have a taste for unique and contemporary lifestyle. Our Girivan experience aspires to provide you quality living that will take care of all your comforts. With elegant spacious architectures, our structures are an epitome of class, standard and luxury dwellings. We believe in providing you exclusivity as an experience to pamper your epicurean choices.

Watch your kids play without the fear of their safety thanks to our modern security amenities and with ample cross ventilation you can spend lazy weekends in the company of your friends and family.

Thriving on customer satisfaction, Girivan is an experience that goes beyond ordinary .It is an experience that is a class apart.

Why Girivan?

Our committed team believes in excellence and service to its customers, hence, as our customer, you can get in touch with us anytime. We thrive on your trust – a trust that you show in our ability to construct a new future. With ample land available to make your dream of a dream home come true, we have all the necessary financial and legal authorizations. We are transparent in our dealings and make no compromise in maintaining the quality standards of construction and finishing. We aim to create landmarks and promote every project as a ‘brand’ in itself, hence, you can be assured of returns on investing in us.


Thought Principles

We look into every small detail while designing, thinking and planning at every stage of Girivan project. These are homes created with passion and commitment. We provide you, your dream homes.

Design Customisation & Counseling

A Girivan home is truly a charm. You can choose from a range of distinctive interior styles. Alternatively, you can let your creative ideas flow, and fill the house with your warmth and love.

Smart Homes


Security & Safety

Your home is your most precious possession. Multi-level Security on premises secures your kids, elderly and even, your home.


Transparency During Construction

Post Possession Service (Optional)

Before you enter your home, all user manuals, contact lists and a detailed area guide is handed over to make sure your setting-in is smooth and hassle-free. Because, you should be able to explore your home and surrounding smoothly.

Facility Management (Optional)

Because you should enjoy all the special moments of life as it comes. The Girivan lifestyle is like spending more time on things that really matter to you. There will be no inconvenience as it will be handled by our experts.

Post Possession Service (Optional)

Because Girivan resident are the citizens of the world, we provide a host of services that make sure your home stays prim and proper when you are away claiming victory.

Green Homes

Sustainable and Eco Friendly

Green Architecture

Girivan goes an extra mile when it comes to creating spaces around your home. Our Green Architecture makes the most of available space, eco-friendliness, lifestyle and aesthetics. It’s an integrated part of every Girivan project and your life.

Landscaping (Project Specific)

The Club (Project Specific)



All Girivan project locations are selected considering their futuristic potential .As no development in the locale will match the Girivan style, every Girivan project becomes a landmark.

The Circle (Our referral program)

Girivan is a community of like-minded people .The Circle is the place where you can meet and gossip. The Girivan lifestyle is the signature mark, available to a select few.

Residential Endeavors

Girivan is familiar with your housing needs and that’s why, we build every house with superior quality and modern amenities that enhance your way of living. We know that affording a house in Mumbai is expensive; keeping this in mind, Girivan strives to build affordable yet stylish homes that suit your lifestyle. Our locations are carefully chosen keeping your convenience in mind. And hence, the market place, utility stores and your daily amenities are at a hands distance.

Redevelopment Endeavors

With its years of expertise, Girivan knows what’s best for you when it comes to your housing requirements. We recreate your homes and put our hearts into it, so when you move back, you come home to paradise. So place your trust in our experience to create a landmark for you on your existing building.

Townships Endeavors

At Girivan, we don’t just build homes, we create self -contained lifestyles. Our townships are known for their independent infrastructures, recreational areas, and multi-facilitated security. This is why, we build homes envisioning the future and empower you with technology .As we all know, technology based homes not only create a safe and secure environment but also add to your luxury .You can do almost everything with a push of a button .That’s why, we build your dream homes and you create a comfort zone for your loved ones.

Commercial Endeavors

Girivan uses their expertise to create the perfect work environment with exclusive lobbies and other ancillary units that enables you to expend your business. We build commercial spaces that suit your expansion needs .We understand the importance of progressive growth in business or offices and thus, we build our commercial spaces keeping this in mind.



Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world & touch lives. Thus, Girivan believes that only the best of education can build disciplined and creative citizens of the society.

Our Institutions

Hospitality An Upcoming Endeavor

Truly experience the essence of ‘Atithi devo bhava’ which means ‘A guest is no less than God’. Girivan is also working on building a promising future in the Hospitality industry. We are coming up with resorts, where you can spend some quality family time and go on a joyride with the Girivan experience.

Paying Our Respects to the Society. Harnessing Goodness Throughout.

At Girivan, we believe that service to mankind begins at one’s doorsteps. That’s why every employee is encouraged to pursue initiatives that help the less privileged members of the society. We take care of the children of our labor force and look after their welfare, this shows the true essence of Corporate Social Responsibility, that is put into deeds and actions. There is no better accomplishment to an organization than adding to the happiness of the society and its members. We believe that sharing happiness with the society can also transform individual lives.

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